Centrum Advance 50+ 100's (到期日: 2023/04/01)

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CENTRUM Advance 50+ is a a multivitamins-minerals supplement, specially formulated for Adult 50+.

Centrum Advance 50+ 100's

CENTRUM Advance 50+ is a multivitamins-minerals supplement, specially formulated for Adults 50+. It provides complete and balanced nutrients from A to Zinc to support vitality and immunity. It also provides Lutein and Lycopene, one tab a day, which helps promote your heart health and eye health.

  • Lycopene for heart health
  • Vitamin B Complex to support vitality
  • Antioxidants helps to maintain normal function of immunity



Vit A 3600IU, vit B1 2.2 mg, vit B2 2.88 mg, vit B7.2mg, vit B12 22.5mcg, vit C 81mg, vit D3 600IU, vit E 67.5 IU, vit K1 22.5 mcg, folic acid 360mcg, niacinamide 13.5mg, biotin 40.5 mcg, pantothenic acid 9mg, Calcium 180mg, Chromium 90mcg, Copper 0.9mg, iodine 135mcg,Iron 3.6mg, Mg 45mg, manganese 4.5 mg, Molybdenum 40.5 mcg, Potassium 72 mg, Selenium 49.5mcg, Zn 6.75mg, Lutein 450mcg, Lycopene 540mcg



Adult- One tablet daily



Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Product contains iron, which can be harmful to children if taken in large dose. In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance immediately. If taking other supplements, read label, since supplements may contain the same ingredient. As with any supplement, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, contact your healthcare professional before taking this product. Close tightly after use and avoid from water dripping. Do not remove desiccants.

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