Tumor screening - For male

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Tumor Screening - For Male

Merchant: Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas)

Scope of check up:

  • ALPHA FETOPROTEIN (AFP) (Liver cancer)
  • Anti-EBV IgA (Nasopharynx cancer)
  • Cyfra 21.1 (Lung cancer)
  • CA 72.4 (Colon, Stomach cancer)
  • Total PSA / Free PSA / PSA ratio (Postate cancer)

Merchant’s Service Address:
Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas)
Address: 113 Castle Peak Road, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Service Hours: Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 18:00 (excluding public holiday)

Redemption Period:
Please redeem and complete this Package at the above location within three (3) months from the Order Date, otherwise the Package will be invalid.
Please arrange for an appointment for the checkup with the above merchant prior to the redemption and for other details.  If re-scheduling of a scheduled appointment is required, please call the merchant not less 24 hours in prior.  If user does not show up at the scheduled appointment time, the user’s entitlement to redeem and use the Package will be forfeited, and no refund whatsoever will be made by the Merchant, eSmartHealth Limited (operator of DrGo).

The Merchant is the service provider of the Product / Service.  eSmartHealth is not the service provider of the Product / Service.  eSmartHealth is not licensed or registered to provide medical or healthcare advice and services.  The relationship between eSmartHealth and the user does not constitute a doctor–patient / healthcare professional–patient relationship, and a doctor-patient / healthcare professional–patient relationship will exist only and exclusively between a medical practitioner / healthcare professional and a user.  eSmartHealth do not recommend or endorse any merchants or their products or services and are not liable or responsible, and do not endorse or support or recommend any information, advice, opinion, diagnosis, treatment, service, medical certificate and/or medication so prescribed or given by any merchants or any other matters arising from or in relation to the same.

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