Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Plan

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This plan is managed by designated Hong Kong registered dietitian and Hong Kong registered physiotherapist operating at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (“Gleneagles”).

Mainly focusing on individual diets and slim-up goals with a tailor-made plan. In addition to the "2+3" face-to-face consultations and follow-up video consultations by a dietitian, this plan also includes a "1+2" exercise programme designed by a physiotherapist, aiming to help you lose weight by achieving a balanced dietary and exercising pattern.

The Merchant: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (“Gleneagles”)

Male / Women aged 18 or above (excluding pregnant women)

A comprehensive dietary assessment and exercise plan co-managed by a Hong Kong registered dietitian and a Hong Kong registered physiotherapist.

The first bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) test will be done for all users at the face-to-face initial consultation while virtual consultation will be conducted via the DrGo platform for the next three sessions. The second BIA test will be carried out at the last face-to-face consultation of the plan to help you learn about diet control and the physical improvement after exercise. The plan also includes personalised meal planning and recommendations.

The dietitian and physiotherapist will discuss with you topics on weight loss, health diets and/or exercising, such as:

  1. How to lose weight healthily?
  2. Do fad diets work? (E.g. ketogenic diet, Atkins diet, intermittent fasting, meal replacements etc.)
  3. What foods should I choose on a weight-loss diet?
  4. How to prevent weight re-bounce after losing weight?
  5. Does exercise matter?
  6. How much weight should I lose?
  7. How to include regular exercise in your weight loss programme?
  8. Physiotherapist's recommended exercise programme


  1. Make an appointment by phone for all face-to-face consultations. Users should call the Rehabilitation Centre of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (“Gleneagles”) for making an appointment for face-to-face initial consultation with a dietitian and a physiotherapist, and call the Dietetic Services Department of Gleneagles for making an appointment for the last face-to-face consultation with a dietitian.
  2. On the day of the face-to-face consultation at Gleneagles, complete and submit a DrGo User Form (with information including the valid email address and Hong Kong mobile number registered under the user’s DrGo account), in order to receive the e-coupon codes for the follow-up video consultation sessions via DrGo (“Code(s)”).
  3. The Codes will be sent to the user’s registered DrGo account in around 5 working days after submission of the DrGo User Form.
  4. Make a video consultation appointment on the DrGo platform and input the Code during payment.


  1. User must first complete a face-to-face initial consultation with designated dietitian and physiotherapist (user is recommended to complete them on the same day) at Gleneagles before making a video consultation appointment on the DrGo platform. Otherwise, the dietitian and physiotherapist will decline any video consultation appointment request.
  2. User must download the DrGo App and successfully register with DrGo on or before the day of the face-to-face consultation in order to receive the Codes.


  1. Prior appointment by phone is necessary. Please indicate that the purchase of this plan is made through DrGo Health Store.
  2. Service location:

    Dietetic Services, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
    Monday – Friday 09:00 - 18:00; Saturday 09:00 - 13:00; Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday.
    Contact number: (852) 2122 1333

    Rehabilitation Services, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
    Monday – Friday 09:00 - 18:00; Saturday 09:00 - 13:00; Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday.
    Contact number: (852) 3153 9141
  1. Face-to-face consultation takes around 30-45 minutes; each follow-up video consultation session via DrGo takes around 20-30 minutes.
  2. User should present redemption letter upon face-to-face consultation by showing the QR code on the redemption letter in printed or digital format.
  3. Please make an appointment and attend a face-to-face initial consultation at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong within one (1) month from the Order Date of this plan, otherwise the plan will be invalid.
  4. This plan must be completed within 5 months after the face-to-face initial consultation. Otherwise the remaining course of the plan will be deemed invalid and will not be processed.
  5. All sessions of consultations (whether face-to-face or by video via DrGo) must be by the same user.
  6. The effect and progress of the plan may vary depending on various factors, such as the individual's physical conditions and dietary habit, etc.
  7. User must fully observe the treatment guidelines and opinions of the dietitians, physiotherapists and medical staff of the hospital, including treatment plans, content and methods and all relevant items; the guidelines and opinions are ultimately based on the user's health and safety. The hospital reserves the right to decline the performance of treatments or the provision of products and/or medicines for users if the dietitians, physiotherapists or medical staff consider such action to be inappropriate.
  8. In order not to affect other users to receive the service, if a user is late due to personal reasons, the hospital may cancel the consultation session according to the actual situation.
  9. The plan is only applicable to user aged 18 or above, excluding any pregnant women.
  10. If you suffer from any diseases or in any of the following physical conditions: pregnancy, heart diseases, asthma, skin diseases, colds, allergies, haemophilia, abnormal blood pressure, epilepsy, post-medication, implanted with a cardiac pacemaker or other metal substances in the internal organs, or in any other medical conditions, please declare to the hospital staff before purchasing the plan, undergoing each consultation session and meeting with the dietitian and physiotherapist. This is to facilitate the hospital to make appropriate arrangements.
  11. If a user or the hospital identifies any abnormalities in the user's physical condition during the course of the plan, the other party should be immediately informed, and the hospital has the right to take appropriate measures for the user after obtaining the user's consent. Please note that if the abnormalities concerned are not caused by the hospital, the user shall bear the costs involved in the relevant treatments being carried out by the hospital.
  12. Dietitian and physiotherapist will be arranged by Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong throughout the whole plan. User is not allowed to select a designated dietitian and physiotherapist. The dietitian who conducts a face-to-face initial consultation with the user will be same as the one who conducts follow-up video consultations, the same applies to physiotherapist.
  13. Appointment slots per day are limited, and on a first-come-first-served basis.
  14. This plan cannot be transferred or refunded, or exchanged for cash, other goods or services.
  15. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong’s Dietetic Services and Rehabilitation Services will be closed under severe weather conditions, such as red/black rainstorm warning or tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 or above. The hospital’s staff will contact you the next day to reschedule the appointment.
  16. This plan provides general health advice only. It does not serve the purpose of disease diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your doctor for personalized medical advice.
  17. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail. In the case of any disputes, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision.


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